Riven Counter : Riven Counter With Counter Picks

Riven Counter: League of Legend is a free windows PC game, which is played all over the world. The game is of fantasy and Strategic genre which you can use huge weapons, magic spell and character like a beast, devils are too present in the game.

When you play the game you will be first asked for choosing your player while the player is called Champion. Riven, The Exile is one of the champions who are very powerful and she holds a huge blade as her weapon. You just need best Riven Counter to beat her in the League of Legend game. Riven can also change raise her powers and skill by unlocking more new items and then upgrading the skin and those upgrades can only be done using the Gold and points you earn in the game. Killing many enemies and winning the current levels and stepping to the next level can get you earn more gold and points.

Things that You Should Know about  Riven Counter:

League of Legends is three lane arcade arena where you will have to face your opponents in the other side to destroy the Opponent’s nexus and this will be decided as the winner of the game. So in this scenario, Riven is the best champion to take down all the enemies and gain the maximum power upon others. Riven becomes more stronger by unlocking her extreme skin in the game which can be only used by stepping into the next level. The skin that Riven redeem in the game is like- Classic Riven, Redeemed Riven & Crimson lite Riven. Riven can not only increase her fighting skills but also can develop a temporary blocking shield to prevent heavy attacks from the enemy. So, here in this case you need Riven Counter to defeat Riven.

The Abilities of Riven The Exile:

There are certain special attacks or abilities of the Riven which she uses in the battleground. And if you can use all the abilities of the Champion then you can win the whole game out of it. While the enemies so strong cannot be kill just by blowing some attacks but with a combination of both magic and hits, you can increase the damages and kill any champion in the game.

So here we will discuss the complete abilities or special attacks that Riven uses in the arena that will help you to know the skill much better.

Abilities of Riven-The Exile:

  1. Runic Blade- TheRiven can gain her blade power up anytime in the battle for increasing the damage points and attacking powers.
  2. Broken Wings-These are chains of her special attack that swings blade over the enemies and produce damages which are much stronger than the normal attacks. This special attack gives first blow followed by second and third blows in a continuous manner.
  3. Ki Burst-Ki Burst is the special attacks of Riven that delivers 100% damage upon the enemies. This damage is very effective that destroy every enemy coming towards her.
  4. Valor- When Riven is surrounded with a huge number of enemies around the battle and are taking heavy attacks, then you can unleash the Valor, which is by dashing very quickly to the safer place and this can prevent further incoming attacks from the enemies.
  5. Blade of Exile- using her blade she can also create the spiritual energy which is called the blade of Exile. This thereby increases the power of the blade that can give the maximum physical damage to the enemies. After a single blow of attack, the blade of exile can again be reactivated for the second blow upon the enemies for ultimate death to the enemies.

Riven Counter with counter picks:

Raven comes in the battleground with fierce weapon skill and attacks that no champion can stand in front of her. But using some tricks in the battle applying some champions abilities and skills we can target on the weak zone of Riven and counter her in the fight. so choosing the best counter picks in the game is key for killing the Riven in the game. There are lots of champions which are up to 117 in the game, so you have some confusion regarding the skills and attacks to use over Riven.

Thus here below we are discussing some of the counter picks which are also inspired by the world championship game played worldwide.

Counterpicks for Riven (Riven Counters) are-

Choosing the best fit counter pick in the right position of the game can change the strategies of the game. So if you choose well and use the right skill of the champion in the battle then countering any champion is very easy. And for countering the Riven that is Riven Counter is here below-

  • Olaf- Olaf is the first choice for countering Riven (Riven Counter) as he is a long-mid range warrior and is well known for the attacking the opponents from a far distance where Riven’s blade may not reach. And by throwing the axes the Olaf can easily take Riven down in the battle.

  • Garen- The Garen can prevent some of the attacks of the Riven which is the positive point for any champion, so using the defensive abilities of Garen in the battle is very useful and while in the battle will attack towards the enemies for gaining maximum damage to the Riven. So, you can pick Garen as a option to Riven Counter.

  • Armor-Armor is another best counter pick against Riven; he has the best defensive force and stops the combos of the Riven’s attacks. So once the combos are wasted upon Armor; Armor can quickly strike back with a great effort to give maximum damage. So in this way you can take down the Riven the battle.

Counter Tricks (Arena Special):

While using the counter pick, you may not sometimes succeed in putting the Riven to death but there are some moves that will surely help you prevent the incoming damages from Riven’s attacks.

And the tricks are-

  1. Try avoiding any fight with Riven when she is in skirmishes as in this state she is usually way too powerful to block her attack.
  2. Try to increase the Armour of any champion in the battle which is very useful for the attacks of the Riven.
  3. Riven has some of the best mobility skills which can strike any champion in a very short time. If you choose the champion who is very slow, she can be chase and dash towards you to kill you.


These are some of the important details about the counter pick of the Riven that is Riven Counter which you can easily take her down in the battle. There are also certain abilities of the Riven that we can see and analyse the power and later use the counter picks against her to kill. While after using such tricks and counter picks, now only your game playing skills will lead you to win the game.

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