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Would you want to watch free movies after a busy week? Or maybe you’re bored, and so you are looking for some new movies to watch in your free time. There could be a bad weather and you can’t go outside. It’s a perfect situation to sit back and watch some of your favorite movies whether it’s action, comedy, thriller, romance or something else. We love to watch movies and it would be more awesome if you can watch latest movies online in HD without any cost (unlike Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime).

But it could be a handful task to find out the best free movie streaming sites to watch free movies online nowadays. That’s why I prepared a list of 10+ movie streaming sites to watch movies online in 2017. All of these website won’t ask you to Sign up for an account. You can watch your favorite movies without any hassle of username and password.

Alright. It’s time to tell you our handpicked collection of the best free movie streaming sites of 2017 to watch free movies online without downloading or without registration signup. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Offline VS Online: What’s the Best Way to Watch Movies ?

I must answer this question before getting into the main part of this article*. Some people prefer to watch online, while others tend to watch offline.

Let’s start with offline method. You can download movies from free movie download sites and watch as many times as you want in the future. But, you should have a speedy internet connection to download HD movies on your computer.

I wouldn’t recommend you to download movies if you have a slow internet connection. Plus, it’s going to take some time to download a full-length movie as well. You can watch movies offline if you have patience and high-speed internet.

On the other hand, you can stream movies with low speed and no need to wait to watch your favorite movies. Just go to a free movie streaming site and click on a movie to start streaming without wasting a moment. However, you will require an active internet connection to watch the same movies once again.

In short, you should have internet connection to either download or stream online. So, you should watch online if you can’t download a movie with patience to watch afterwards. But you can download after streaming if you have high-speed internet connection.

12+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

We’ve made a list of the best free movies steaming sites to watch free movies online in 2017. You can some money except entertainment and boredom by using these wonderful free movie streaming websites. So, without any further let’s find out 12 free movie streaming websites to watch free movies online. Let’s start.


123Movies is one of the best free movie websites of all time to watch free movies online without downloading. 123 movies has huge number of movies and tv shows on their database and continuously adding new and old movies to their site. To watch your favorite movies on 123movies you dont have to create account and no registration required, all you have to find your favorite movie and play.


Fmovies is one of the best free movies streaming sites without any ads. Just go to the site and click on a movie to start watching in HD. You can your favorite movies in watch list and turn on subtitles. Also, you can turn off/on light, give ratings and play next movies by enabling ‘auto next’ as well.

Are you unable to find a new movie to watch? No problem. Click on ss, release year or country to discover a new movie on Fmovies. You can watch TV series and anime too. Let me remind you once more that it doesn’t show any ads to stream movies for free in full HD.


GOmovies is another excellent online free movie streaming site for Pc and Android users. The interface is simple and loads quickly. You will find over 25+ genres to watch movies, and so you are going to find every type of movie here. The rest is same as usual. Click on your favorite movie and select video quality (360p, 480p or 720p) to begin watching.

Yesmovies looks similar to Fmovies. You can find movies by genres, countries, release year and Top IMDB ratings. No need to make an account to stream movies online for free.

You may turn on/off the light while watching movies to go with your background. You can stream latest movies for free without any hassle as they’re fewer ads ***

I discovered Losmovies a while ago. It’s an amazing site for watching movies in full HD without any registration. You can download movies too apart from streaming online.

Losmovies comes next in the list of best free movie streaming sites in 2017. You can watch movies by genres, countries and more. It could one of the top free movie streaming sites currently.

OnlineMovies came with a new look from its previous domain OnlineMovies came with a new look from its previous domain ( The new website design is looking marvelous, and it loads pretty quick as well. You will find movies from 2003-2017 (current time). You may not have seen these type of collections anywhere else on the web till now. Are you searching for the next free HD movie for streaming? You can select it by genres, release year, ratings and to get more than enough suggestion for your next movie on this free movie streaming site surely.  You can change video quality (720p to 360p) while watching movies.

It’s very helpful if you have a slow internet connection. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as the best place for free movie streaming without sign up. Don’t believe me. Check it out by yourself now.


You might want to avoid ads while streaming online movies movie for free. But most sites show advertisements as it’s the primary income source for those website owners.

But would you like to stream movies online without any ads for free? You should visit 123Moviesweb now then. It doesn’t show any ads at all. You read it correctly. Which movie should you watch next? You can find the answer easily.

Just go to genres and select your favorite genre to get the best movie suggestions at once. Also, you can sort by years (2000-2017), most favorite, top viewed today, top IMDB and rating. It could be your favorite place for free movie streaming online. You can’t say anything unless you give a try. Isn’t it?


Putlockers2 is one of the most popular free movie streaming site without sign up. It lets you filter movies by release year and ratings. You should visit this website if you are having trouble with other free movie streaming sites at present.


Moviewatcher is another astounding place to stream movies without any registration. It has an enormous collection of movies which you filter by genres, most popular, new movies and release year (2000-2017). Also, you will see ratings on every movie on Moviewatcher to decide to the most appropriate to watch next.


MyDownloadTube is an outstanding free movie streaming website to watch movies in full HD. You will see more than 20 genres for watching movies. Also, you can download latest games for free too. You should visit MydownlaodTube if you want to watch latest movies and download games.


C123Movies is my next pick for the best free movie streaming sites online without sigh up. You can watch movies from various genres such action, adventure, horror, crime, animation, mystery etc. You won’t see any ads while watching your favorite movies. Yep. You heard it correct. Just find a movie and click on it to start watching in HD.


Wolowtube works like a search engine to find movies. Just go to this site and type your movie title, and it will show you a few links where you can go to stream without any issue.


Tmoviesnow is my final pick for streaming movies online without sign up. It;s the best place if you like to watch Hollywood movies from various genres like action, adventure, animation, comedy etc.

It has movies collection from 2003 to present time. You can check trending movies if you intend to watch new movies. It shows ratings on each movie as well. You should give try right Tmoviesnow even at least once. is one of the best Movie Streaming Sites. And it is really a paradise for Movie lovers. The thing that I really love about Housmovie is the interface & the Website design that it offers for its users.

The interface of the Website is very simple and it can be understood & handle by all the users. And the other thing that I really love about Housemovie is that they tend to allow less number of Ads into their site, which makes this Online Movie Streaming site pleasant to use.

As it is quite uncommon for a Free Online Movie Streaming Site to really have these fewer Ads on their Website. If you are looking for the latest Movie collection, then Housemovie should certainly be your first option.


You’ve finished the top 12 best free streaming sites to watch movies online right now. Don’t forget that these sites don’t require any registration, and you can watch latest movies online without paying a dime.

Did we miss any free movie streaming sites? Kindly drop a comment to let us know. You can enjoy your boring weekend with your favorite movies now for free of cost. I hope that you found it helpful. Would you like to share this article with your friend on social media to help other people as well?


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